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A small sample of what members of our Community are saying about topweddinglinks.com ...
Although we continuously receive a large volume of Unsolicited Testimonials with kind words of Thanks and Praise of the value of our website, we no longer post new testimonials.  The small sample below is a small representation of the continued and renewed sincere appreciation that our vendors and brides and grooms have shown www.topweddinglinks.com year after year.


I have two children and both are getting married 4 1/2 months apart. I happened to find your site, by accident, and this site is wonderful. It will give both of our children some great suggestions of songs. Sometimes when you are handling all the other wedding preparations, you might forget some songs you might want. Your site offered such a good selection. I was very impressed. Great site. Thank you.

2 Wedding days in 2007 and 2008

"Its nice knowing you render such services. Be blessed"

Evelyn, Oakridge, OR
Wedding day: between February 2005 - April 2005

To whom it may concern,

I am planning my own wedding. The information on your web site is really a big help to me and if I ever know of any one that is planning they're own wedding I will refer them to your web site. Thank you so much!!! Thanks.

Shayla Cook

"I love your website it has absolutely everything"

Inna Arzumanova, Phoenix, AZ
Wedding day: 11/21/04

"This is an awesome site! Very helpful!"

Lisa Lewis, Salem, OH
Wedding day: August 6, 2005

"Your site has been very helpful"  

Enisa,  Sydney. Australia
Wedding day: 11/12/2004

"thanks, you made planning a lot easier"  

Ashley Hutzell, Hagerstown, MD
Wedding day: June 19, 2004

"You have a very beautiful site"  

Summer Burk, Spokane, WA
Wedding day: August 7 2004

"i love this site"  

Aline Uwineza, High Point, NC
Wedding day: August 7 2004

"You guys are the best wedding site their is!!"  

Stephanie Cavalcante, Virginia Beach, VA
Wedding day: April 17, 2004

"It has been a pleasure to visit your website"  

Darcy Moore, chicago, IL
Wedding day: 4/23/04

"Your site is the best web site i have found for information"  

Tracy Hebden, Welwyn Garden City, UK
Wedding day: 6 September 2003

"Your Site seems like it has a lot to offer."  

Stephanie M. Goins, Tooele, UT
Wedding day: September 18, 2004

"great website"  

Amanda Christian, Halifax, NS
Wedding day: August 13, 2005

"Great Site, great deals that are greatly appreciated!"

Beth Johnson, Taylors Fall, MN
Wedding day: 08-28-04

"You have very good information"  

Kirk Boone, Baltimore, MD
Wedding day: 08-21-2004

"This is a great site"

Angelika Prottung, Chatsworyh, CA
Wedding day: 11/19/04

"I Love your Site, so much information"

Sidonne Hamilton, San Diego, CA
Wedding day: August 21, 2004

"I really have enjoyed this site, it has helped me a lot. Thank you!"  

Angela Sweet, Aquadale, NC
Wedding day: March 19, 2004

"your web site is great i have my bridesmaids looking at your site as well"  

Maura marie kelly, daytona beach, FL
Wedding day: Jan. 16 2004

"what a helpful web site you have!"  

Ashley Olcott, Dover, DE
Wedding day: August 23, 2003

"I already had your site on my favorites"  

Anya Wroblewski,  Newport, RI
Wedding day: 10/9/04

"wonderful site, thank you and keep up the good work"  

Crystal McDaniel,  Harrison, TN
Wedding day:  May 2004

" hi...i am half jamaican-american . this is my first time getting married. my husband to be is from Nigeria. i want us to have a traditional Nigerian wedding which will take place here in the America. i want this to be the best wedding ever.
i didn't know what a Nigerian wedding was like until i ran across your site. it help me out a lot. now i know. thank you. "



"I love your site , it is the BEST"  

Gina Maggio, Wrentham, MA
Wedding day:  06-04-2004

"your web site is great!!!!"  

Amber Hayes, Denver, CO
Wedding day:  25 September, 2004

"nice web page design and information"  

Milos Lukic, Windsor, ON
Wedding day:  December 21, 2004

"So happy to have found you!"  

Jennifer Miano, Miami, FL
Wedding day:  March 27, 2004

"Very helpful Site"

Judy Weymouth, Brittany, France
Wedding day: 11/09/04

"wonderful site!"  

Kelly Aoki, Hilo, HI
Wedding day:  August 2005

"Thanks for providing this service to stressed-out brides to be!"  

Kimberly Bean, Conroe, TX
Wedding day: 6-26-2004

"This is a good site... very informative"  

Nina Mand, Jordan, ON
Wedding day: August 2006

"I really enjoyed your website."  

Beth Walker, Huntingdon, TN
Wedding day:  June 19, 2004

"thank you for the help. your site is quite helpful."  

Priscilla Cadwalder, Romney, WV
Wedding day: April 20, 2004

"Thanks for having this kind of site available.  I printed all of your [music] lists and they gave me some great music ideas.


Carvalho, Dawn

"I love this site! Thank you guys."  

Wa Keya Owens, Livonia, MI
Wedding day: September 13, 2003

"Just wanted to say that your site is one of the best so far that I have used. I keep coming back to it as the wedding day draws near. I have also referred girlfriends to it.
Thanks for all the help."
Lisa Mimler
"YOUR SITE IS USER FRIENDLY! Very Helpful and informative!"  

Brent Gienger, Coon Rapids, MN
Wedding day:  July 12, 2003

"Excellent website!!"  

Lacy Tedder, Potosi, MO
Wedding day: September 20, 2003

"Your site is very helpful.  I found it helpful that your page has many features. I like the wedding  budget page, the wedding checklist, and the statistics. All of this information is going to be very helpful in planning our wedding over the next 1 1/2 years."

Steven Tuck, Elk Grove, CA
Wedding day:  April 2004

"the site is very useful!"  

Christina Lainhart, Lakeland, FL
Wedding day:  November 8, 2003

About Wedding Etiquette:
"This was a great, concise list of who does what and more. Thank you."  

Kathy Dickinson, TX

"What a helpful site"  

Christa Abbott, Kingston, ON
Wedding day:  October 18th 2003

"great site...very helpful~!"  

Robin Remich, Atlanta, GA
Wedding day:  December 27,2003

"I am so happy, and the helpful tips are great"  

Jennifer Lancaster, Boise, ID
Wedding day:  May 29, 2004

"Great Site!"  

Dawn Smith, Wapwallopen, PA
Wedding day:  December 6,2003


Kristen Carter, Cleveland, OH
Wedding day:  October 11, 2003

"Great service offered!!!!"  

Nathalie Lupien, Woodbridge, VA
Wedding day: May 15, 2004

"please help I am going crazy"  

Anna D. Gonzalez, Phoenix, AZ
Wedding day:  May 31, 2003

"great site"  

Sonya Bird, Regina, SK
Wedding day:  August 21, 2004

"Thank you so much for the help."  

Dawn Hamilton, Brooklyn/Queens, NY
Wedding day:  April 3, 2004

"Thank you for being their for nervous brides to be."  

Cara Dahl, Springfield, OR
Wedding day:  November 22, 2003

"Thank you! ^_^ fun site"

Kate, Vancouver, WA
Wedding day: August 2003

"Thanks for this helpful site!"

Elizabeth Vanderveen, Holland, MI
Wedding day:  August 23, 2003

"Your site is EXCELLENT!!!!!"

Pedro Guerrero, Fort Lauderdale FL

"your website is wonderful"

Danielle Daniels, Atlanta, GA
Wedding day:  August 2003

"your site is wonderful... much valuable information"

Nadia Darius, Miami, FL
Wedding day: September 6 2004

"I love the selection on this site"

Evelyn Rivera,  NYC, NY
Wedding day:  December 13, 2003

"Found your site to be extremely helpful"

Deborah Ackerman, AZ
Wedding day:  December 2003

"Great site... it's been very helpful"

Sarah B. Blower, Clarkston, MI
Wedding day: 
February 14, 2004
"I really like this web site!!!"

Renee Murphy, Regina, SK - Canada
Wedding day: 
"your site is really nice and specific!"

ashleigh mcgovern, madisonville, LA
Wedding day: 
"Very helpful site! THANK YOU!"

Rosanne Meck, Raleigh, NC
Wedding day: May 24 2003

"thanks for the great info on your site!"

cheri volta, brewer, ME
Wedding day: September 18, 2004

"Thanks for great advice!"

Saussja Webster, Lawton, OK
Wedding in AUGUST  2003
"Your site is very Helpful, I appreciate it!"
Melissa Lundy
Wedding day: February 14, 2003
"Your web site looks very professional, and it contains good information for the wedding."

Karen Tran, Portland Oregon
Wedding day: 9/21/2002

Wedding day:  AUGUST 16, 2003
"I like your site very much, it is very helpful.

Sarah Lerch, Mt. Sterling, IL
Wedding day:  October 4, 2003
"this is all new to me thanks for all the help"

Joyce Ayers, Clementon, NJ
Wedding day: April 10, 2004

"really like the web site."

Stephanie Maguffee, Oklahoma City, OK
Wedding day:  October 26,2002

"this is our first wedding and your site was helpful"

candace kennedy, chittenango, NY
Wedding day:
"I really enjoy your site it has a lot of information"

Jennifer Dean Charlevoix, MI
Wedding day:  August 23, 2003
"Your website has been helpful already, thank you!"

Arin Laura Harrison, St. Louis, MO
Wedding day: July 12, 2003
"this is a wonderful site, thank you very much."

Paul Holland, Vacaville, CA
Wedding day: August 23, 2003
"thank you for your online services"

Jammie, Maui, Hawaii
Wedding day:  January 3, 2004


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