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How to avoid the 10 most common makeup mistakes on Your Wedding Day!
All eyes will be on you. Make sure every inch is worthy of close-up attention.

1. Do use proper skin care.
2. Do use waterproof Mascara
3. Do use lip liner and lipstick
4. Do use translucent face powder
5. Do wear the correct foundation color
6. Do use color Harmony
7. Do use the correct makeup application
8. Do wear a Fragrance
9. Do wear makeup
10. Do use a professional

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by Melanie Mendelson ©2005

1. Be true to yourself
Don't choose a hairstyle that makes you feel not yourself. Brides often get pressured into certain styles because of "tradition". If a particular style makes you feel uneasy, don't choose it. It does not matter that your mother, best friend or hairstylist like it - what really matters is YOU.
2. Develop a clear idea
Before going to the stylist, try to develop a good idea of what type of hairstyle you would like. Cut out the pictures of your favorite hairstyles from magazines and bring them to the stylist. If you can't find any pictures, be prepared to describe exactly what you want.
3. Do a practice run
Try out the hairstyle in advance, before your wedding day. Schedule the "practice run" with your stylist. If the hairstyle that you envisioned does not look as good on you as you had hoped, you'll be glad you found that out before the big day!
4. Is it comfortable?
Walk around with this hairstyle for several hours to make sure it's comfortable. The last thing you would want is to have hair pins hurting you and ruining your fun.
5. Take pictures
At the "practice run", bring a Polaroid or digital camera to take instant pictures. Ask the stylist to take pictures from the back and other angles. The pictures will give you a better idea how the style would look to others (as opposed to just looking in the mirror).
6. Does it hold up?
Make sure your hair style does not get completely messed up several hours later. Try moving around and see if the hair stays put. You would not want a hair disaster during the first dance!
7. Matching with your dress
Your hair style should go well with your wedding dress and headpiece. Classic dresses go best with classic hairstyles. Non-traditional dresses might look odd with the formal updos. Buy the dress before you select a hairstyle. Bring your headpiece and the picture of your dress to the stylist, so the stylist can evaluate whether it's a good match.
8. Watch out for chemicals
Don't have any coloring or chemical treatments done right before the wedding - these can go wrong, and there won't be time to fix them! Do them several weeks in advance.
9. Stay consistent
Don't make drastic changes. Your wedding day is not the time to color your hair in a completely different color or cut off long locks. After all, you would still want people to recognize you at your own wedding!
10. Beware of the height effect
Be aware that updos will make you look taller. Depending on your situation, it might work for you or against you. If you are already taller than the groom or are the same height, don't do an updo. If you are short, use the updo to your advantage.
11. Keep it sensible
Don't make your hairstyle too flamboyant - it should not compete with your face and your dress. You would want to avoid the situation where your hair is the only thing that jumps out at people when they look at you.


How To Look Great On Your Wedding Day
by Melanie Mendelson ©2005