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Specialized Weddings

Camouflage Weddings - Camo Wedding theme

Elements of a Camouflage Wedding

One of the fun trends in weddings is Camouflage Weddings.  Such themes are often chosen by archers, outdoorsmen, hunters, fishing enthusiasts and shooters...

Creativity seems to dominate the theme... but here are some ideas

Many brides and grooms are now having Mossy Oak camouflage weddings.  The bridesmaid wear Mossy Oak gowns and the guys dressed in camo.

A camouflage ceremony is typically set outdoors and with themes like a Fishing and hunting themes with fish bowls with gold fish for a centerpiece.

Camo Weddings use mossy oak material for the table clothes.  The guys wear mossy oak vest and the girls brown dresses.

Camo weddings utilize camo napkins, Mossy Oak plates, napkins, tablecloths, and cups.

Mossy Oak vest with cumber bound and bow tie.  brides garter and the camo wedding guest book.

Wedding cake toppers with a bride in traditional dress with her groom in camo with a bow.

Champagne glasses with the base  made out of deer antlers.

Latte dresses with hunter accents and orange flowers... the guys have the camo vests and ties. bridesmaids wear hunter green dresses and the men wear black tuxes with camo vests.

Bright orange dresses or a white camo dress.

The ring bearer had a camo pillow and the flower girl threw colored fabric leaves instead of petals.

As for the cake, you will see a deer on top of the cake with a veil and a tux on the deer.

For center pieces, some take a birch tree and cut it into pieces then put green candles in them. Then they get vases with deer and elk on them  to put on the tables with cattails in them..

As for flowers, some use sunflowers and lotus pods and some grasses... Some others use star gazer lilies and cattails with grasses.

Some bridesmaids dresses  can have Clover and Harvest gold accents. Other bridesmaids dresses are be hunter green and carrying sunflowers.  Some sage green dresses.

Some have deer invitations, Mossy Oak decorations. Others use personalized wedding napkins with antlers, mossyoak guestbook & pen... The card box can be made out of birch.

The wedding cake can be multi-tier with different animals on each tier, and edible wafer leaves running down the side in camo colors.

Stationary with mossy oak.  Use the fall leave.

Camo themes include cups, napkins, plates, tablecloths, blank cards, gowns and accessories, men's ties and other ideas.

Favors include fall candies in mason jars, and fake leaves spread on tables.   invitations and thank yous from some mossy oak stationary

The bride wears a camo-wedding dress and a mossy oak garter

The ceremony can held on a deck by a small pond using decoys like deer, then use turkey for a centerpiece.  The flower girl will drop leaves. Grooms can wear camo pants, beige shirt and camo tie and and vest.  The guys wear camo pants olive shirts with long tie... maybe olive halter top style dress... Girls  wear camo dresses with rubber boots.....camo sun dress for flower girl..

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