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Who is TopWeddingLinks.com?
www.TopWeddingLinks.com  is an award-winning Website and a highly acclaimed online Wedding Community with an exceptional Business Model and Strategic Vision that has allowed us as of March 28, 2002, to become the Highest Ranking Website amongst most if not all the Wedding Websites in th
e U.S., Canada and the World.

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Our National Wedding Directory is a Nationwide Directory of Wedding Vendors and Professionals listed by state as well as individual categories to make your search and wedding planning easier.

The  Brides and Grooms Discussion Forums
The Discussion Forums are a powerful tool for you to learn from the experiences of others, ask questions, candidly share your own experiences, before and after your wedding, with other brides and grooms and most importantly have fun in the midst of your wedding preparation. If you wish that you add any wedding forum that may be helpful to you or to the Community, please e-mail as your suggestions and questions to forums@topweddinglinks.com.

What are your responsibilities towards to the Wedding Vendors and Professionals of our Community:
You are welcome to browse our National Wedding Directory to find the wedding vendors that you need for your Wedding and Honeymoon. You are kindly invited to be courteous and responsive to the vendors.

What to expect from the Wedding Vendors and Professionals of our Community:
You, the Bride or the Groom, are the most important element in the Wedding Services Equation. This is YOUR Wedding that you are planning… and you are entitled to get what you want, within your budget, time limitations and your vision of a beautiful and memorable wedding and honeymoon…

All the vendors listed in the Directory have agreed to our Terms of Listing which mandate that Wedding Vendors and Professionals in our Community be “courteous, respectful and helpful with high business ethics and integrity”. Also, they all agreed that Wedding Planning should be a joyful and memorable process for you the the Bride or Groom. Vendors in our Community must display the highest level of excellence in customer service as well as courteous, "responsive" and "timely" communication at all times.  Please e-mail us any instances of unprofessional behavior.

Vendors MUST be courteous, professional and friendly to you. Most importantly, they must be patient as you review their information and price quotes.  It is your responsibility to be “responsive” to them in a timely manner.. but Vendors must be patient and display a professional, friendly attitude with you at ALL TIMES… We take all complaints seriously especially repeated complaints from different Brides and Grooms.

We also encourage you to send us sincere appreciation of vendors who you are happy with.

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